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The Great Fading

An ode to Robert Browning and our journey to the center of all existence

Like a flickering light bulb
reality fades
weakens along the edges
as time watches
from the balcony of the
cracked dark sooted tower
damnation, childe Roland knows
all too well. Those levels upon levels
as the mourning stones of my heart,
was built, through a lifetime
of tragedy, love, and guilt.
I see you
waving from the balcony
hair swaying in the summer heat,
azure eyes beam. Golden laced dress
with the mythology of our
tragic love story etched.
As the field of roses does bleed
withered, fallen friends and enemies,
all but a few, all but the ones that matter,
upon the battleground and the grave,
the soldier or the knave,
we caress that eminent and brutal truth
that the great fading knows nothing
of life and death, me or you
nothing of the fear we behest,
nor the courage we test.
Tis the dreams and awakening
the heartache and memories fleeting
wishes upon a white daisy,
or a rose,
yet to be picked
in its omnipotence wrapped up,
in the chorus of eternities,
and the reflection of a dirty mirror
knowing we are so close to love
so close and so near.
The doorway to all-when
to all where
to all times
that lie
in a pining heart
across the worlds,
we saunter —
heavy footsteps and leaden hearts
to the mighty tower
that calls us from afar
upon the tortoiseshell,
shadows and images we drew
universes upon universes
doors within doors,
reality inside dreams do glimmer,
striding only in our passage
in our stories untold,
to the friend,
to the wayward ways,
of our final stand, in
the end of days.

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