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Leaders Need to Prioritize Their Mental Health

It’s so easy to complain about our bosses.

They’re the targets of our frustration, the obstacles that keep us from getting to the life and paycheck we really want. Their demands, their rules, their very existence often makes us want to rebel. Complaining has become a nearly automatic response to any form of authority.

Being a leader is hard. If you’re a good one, you spend much of your time listening and looking out for your employees. You have your own boss or board of directors to report to on a regular basis. You see the big picture and sometimes it’s an ugly reality you don’t want to share with your team until you absolutely have to do so. You play multiple roles of protector, counselor, cheerleader, and coach.

That is why mental health must come first. It will help the leader, the employees, and set a tone in the workplace that values all aspects of human health an wellness.

Have you ever stopped to wonder where your boss turns when they need help?

Some bosses vent to the team, even trashing their employees. That is the first sign of a toxic workplace. The good ones are usually focused on the team, and less on their own needs. That can lead to burnout and other issues that impact everyone.

Before you hire into a place, it’s important to know your organization’s philosophy: is it employee-centric or profit and success at all costs? That will tell you quite a bit about the potential pressures your future boss is facing.

On the days when your boss is extra cranky, demanding, unreasonable, it’s important to reach out and ask if they need help. Our leaders are not infallible. Giving them a moment to reset…

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