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Five Great Herb Books to Start You on Your Herbal Remedies Learning Journey

People often tell me that they would love to learn more about herbal medicine and natural remedies but don’t know where to start. I always recommend: 1.) finding a local herbalist and asking them if they offer any in person workshops and classes and 2.) investing in a few great herbal books.

Though natural remedies are powerful and are to be used with caution and respect, herbs are not supposed to be complicated and difficult to use. Healing with the medicine nature provides is your birthright! Its information that you should have, and know. I studied very briefly with a naturopathic doctor in Detroit, who had a great philosophy. His hope is that one day there will be a healer in every home. He envisions a day when natural remedies are the most used medical remedies. And that people are self-sufficient, and able to address the most common ailments themselves without the need for pharmaceuticals and doctors. His vison isn’t very different from our past. It used to be the norm that every village or community had a shaman, wise women, or village elder who they went to for healing. Healing knowledge was commonly passed down within families and many families kept healing journals/materia medica/grimoires.

First, you’ll want at least one very good reference book.

Three Reference Book Options that I Personally Use:

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies, by Norman Shealy

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